New! Replacement bodies & parts for WW2 & M100 trailers!
Finally available:

Correct reproduction WW2 & M100 trailer body tubs with drain holes, properly spot welded rounded edges and stamped reinforcement ribs. Tie down hooks all around just like the original CDN$ 1,100.00

Replacement parts:

Fender with mounting brackets left or right CDN$ 135.00

Perfect reproduction fenders with proper edge lip. All manufactured in proper presses and dies to ensure consistent product quality.

Front panel with 2 hooks & rolled upper lip & tube CDN$ 300.00

Rear panel with 1 hook & rolled upper lip & tube CDN$ 300.00

Floor assembly with stamped ribs
CDN$ 253.00

Side panels with hooks, rolled edge & tube, left or right CDN$ 260.00

WW2 Combat rim fits WW2 trailer & Jeeps CDN$ 230.00

SOLID RIM for early Jeeps
CDN$ 200.00

Rim to fit your M100 trailer, 16 inch, fits also all CJ & M-series Jeeps
CDN$ 125.00

Canvas tarp to fit your WW2
or M100 trailer with manila ropes
CDN$ 200.00


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